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Customized can koozies have become increasingly popular party and wedding souvenirs due to their quirky and cute (as well as useful) nature. A variety of endearing puns have made it onto wedding koozies in the last few years, from “Eat, Drink, and Be Married,” to “Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed, & Something Brewed.” Guests can enjoy the unique decoration at the time of the celebration, and then keep the item to remind them of the happy time—and, of course, to keep their drinks cold—for years to come.

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Promotional Economy Collapsible Foam Beverage Insulator Custom Printed 3-Sided Koozie
Promotional Economy Collapsible Foam Beverage Insulator
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Promotional Economy Collapsible Foam Beverage Insulator is made from low-density 1/8” thick foam material. Custom Printed 3-Sided Koozie is made from 1/8-inch high density scuba foam.

However, the customized can cooler market is not limited to wedding-scale celebrations, they can be a great opportunity for businesses, sports teams, and other organizations to get more visibility for their brand. No one likes a warm beer, cold hands, or the feeling of a drink falling from slippery fingers, so can koozies are always useful.

Many people like to keep a supply of bottle sleeves in their home in case they have guests, and want to provide those guests with a more fun and comfortable drinking experience. With that in mind, customized can coolers are an excellent way to insert a company logo into the daily lives of many people, helping them to enjoy a relaxing drink or social event. offers several different kinds of bottle sleeves, for all occasions and tastes. There is, of course, the classic polyester foam koozie with which we are all familiar, customizable in six different colors with full-color logo customization options.

Other options include the taller, thinner bottle sleeves, fun T-shirt shaped drink coolers, and coasters, all in durable, polyester foam with non-rip binding. For those seeking a unique can cooler, also specializes in rubberized vinyl can koozies with double-layered insulation and a metallic finish. These metallic sleeves add to the can’s appearance with a molded, easy-to-hold shape and a shiny look that match’s the can’s own. Like the polyester foam sleeves, these rubberized options are customizable in several different colors, with a variety of options for adding a custom logo or phrase. For event decorations, fun keepsakes, and unique promotional materials, can coolers and koozies are a smart option.